A message from your angels

A message from your angels


My Dear,

It is oke to let down one's guard.

It is oke to let love in.

You do not always have to protect your heart.

You have already shown the world how incredibly strong you are.

It is time to put all your trust in me.

Surrender, my child

Surrender into my loving arms.

You are loved, protected and safe.

We will help you and accompany you in every step you take.

We will show you signs and synchronicities to prove that we are with you.

Leave all your fears and worries to me.

I will carry them for you, because you do not have to.

Tell me, my dear, what is your greatest desire?

What longings do you want to fulfil?

Give them to me and I will fulfil all your desires.

The only thing you have to do is ask and it will be given to you.

See it, feel it, believe it and let me do the rest.

You are loved!

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