A Message From Your Future Spouse

A Message from Your future Spouse



I have been hiding my true feelings for you.
I feel so stuck in my own ways…
My back is sort of against the wall and I am looking for ways to avoid making a decision.
And that's so crazy because I am not usually that kind of person.
I am actually really good at making decisions, especially when it comes to work.
I am a workaholic and I like what I do for a living, but when it comes to you…I just don’t know.
I feel so indecisive!
You have come into my life and changed everything. 
The way I look at the world is not even the same because of you (you don’t even know it).
You’ve tore down the big wall I built around my heart.
You came so close and I do not even know how you did it. 
Could it be your innocence? Your light? Your energy? Tell me, how did you touch my heart?
I was a complete a**hole and I know it.
I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, so I distanced myself from you, thinking it would be better.
But the distance made it worse. Could it be that the universe sent me the right person at such a turbulent time?
Maybe it's time for me to take off the blindfold I've been holding on to ...
And reveal to you my true feelings and intentions.
Because the truth is..
I’m in love with you! 
My love, I hope you can make some room for me, because I'm coming for you!
And this time I'm here to stay.
- Your future spouse.

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