How To Recognize Angels In Our Lives


How To Recognize Angels In Our Lives?

You are never alone, even if you think you are.

There is always someone you can talk to, someone who sees you, someone who feels you, someone who understands you, someone you can trust. Even if you can not see it. You are surrounded by lovely angels. 

But how do you recognize them?

The most common forms of angels are ancestors, spirit guides, animals and humans. But for some reason I felt called to teach about earth angels. 

I feel that this subject is underestimated and I want people to know that earth angels exist. Earth angels are angels in the form of a human body. For example, they can be a family member, a best friend or just someone you meet in nature. 

They appear out of nowhere and offer you help and good advice. Even if you do not talk to them, they can see you through. 

9 out of 10 people do not even know they have an earth angel in their lives. They are often mistreated and misunderstood because they are a mirror. They represent light, balance and high energy. Therefore, when you meet them, they have a certain glow around their aura. 

 This may sound profound, but I want you to be aware of it. 

They are here on earth with a special purpose. They want to create a beautiful destiny together with you. Some earth angels are leaders, teachers and healers. People look up to them because they represent success and love. They are not here to judge you, they are here to be your friend and offer help whenever you need it.

They are here to be an example of growth, knowledge and wisdom. They are here to save humanity and earth. To raise the vibrations and keep the earth alive. 

So the next time someone comes into your life with good advice, help or just positive energy, thank them. Thank them and be grateful.

You are in the presence of an earth angel!

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