The Real Reason Why Relationships Nowadays Fail

First of all, let me tell you a Lil bit about me. My name is Yokechia I am 29 years old and I am single.
Well, at least I'm not sad about it because I'm currently dating myself and I must say I am very proud of my personal growth. I love writing and having conversations about these kinds of topics but I never thought about putting it out there.
So this is me being completely honest and open about my thoughts about love.
So let's jump right into it!

Sometimes when I hear people talking about love it makes me feel uncomfortable because all I can hear is criticism and problems.
Cheating this cheating that and not feeling the same way about each other after all those years of being together. It made me think that a healthy relationship wasn't possible for this ''NEW'' generation. This so-called social media area where everything nowadays seems fake. One moment people look so happy together and the next moment it’s over. We need to stop idolizing these celebrity relationships because it's not what it seems like. We need to stop listening to these love and relationship gurus on the internet because they can only do so much and the majority of the time confuse us with their perspectives.

I think that most people want true love BUT they just don’t believe it’s possible for them because of past experiences and lack of Self-worth. People tend to forget about watering their garden and are more focused on creating the perfect picture. We unconsciously put our luck into the hands of someone else and we expect them to take care of it. If the person holding our luck decides to walk away we end up feeling robbed and left out in the cold. So who is guilty in this case? The answer is WE are guilty.
It's an unfair expectation if you ask me because we can not expect someone to make us happy. We are responsible for our happiness and with happiness comes love.
And that's why most relationships seem to fail because people don’t want to do the inner work. A healthy relationship is 100/100 and not 50/50.
Another common problem that destroys a lot of relationships these days is that we tend to seek relationship advice from others and let other people make decisions for us.
For example, some people believe or don’t in marriage and some people will tell you not to get married while they are married. Most people give advice based upon their own experiences and how they would like to see you.
The best love advice comes from your own heart. Your heart knows you the best, your heart knows what you want and need. Your heart is always there for you and with you. Open your heart, listen to your heart, and take time to heal if that is needed.

Trust yourself enough to make the right decisions and practice a healthy private life. Love is personal and what we would like to experience in a relationship is different for everybody. So let nobody tell you that what you want is not possible or that your standards are too high. Remember a relationship is a 100/100 agreement. For example, if you want to manifest a wealthy person into your life you have to become a wealthy person yourself. Become what you ask for and be prepared to put in the work. I promise you it will be worth it.

So, let's get this message straight!
Do not try to fit in and get to know your love language.
Allow yourself to experience this journey of love without the interruptions of other people.
Seek advice from your inner spirit/higher self and enjoy this journey called life!
Trust yourself enough to make wise decisions and forgive yourself for past wrongs.
You are the leader of your life.

Yokechia Baumgard

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