This Message Was Meant To Find You: Honour Feelings

Honour Your Feelings

Expressing your true feelings is not a weakness or something to be afraid of.
If you feel like crying, then cry.
If you feel like laughing at a ''stupid'' joke, then laugh!
If you feel tired, take some time out to breathe!
Free yourself from outmoded beliefs and let go of negative thought patterns.
Try to listen to your body and focus on what you need instead of chasing after the things you want.
Honour your feelings today and allow yourself to simply BE
Feelings are a gift! They give us clarity, purification and creativity!
Our feelings connect us to Gaia, the source of life!
Honouring your feelings is a brave step and shows how human you are.
So today I challenge you to speak your truth and honour your feelings.


  • Dankjewel lieve schat! Love you!

    Mavis G. Gerharda Biekman
  • Amen👌🏾🌸

    Tyrona-Rachell Baumgard

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