So many beautiful gifts are waiting for you to unravel.

All the stars are aligning for you.
Your path is clear and ready for you to embark on.
Any difficulties you were facing are now removed.
You are FREE !!
You had to go through this phase of life because you were in a cycle of bad habits with unpleasant people.
Now that this situation is no longer part of your destiny you can finally open up to many new opportunities.
You are surrounded by lovely angels helpful angels.
There is someone very close to you, who's ready to offer their cup of love. This person loves cars, sports and wants to take you on a date.
I see this happening VERY soon!
The universe is telling you to go for it and not be scared.
The outcome will be in your favor.
Also, take good care of your health by drinking enough water and eating nutritious food.
If you need a power boost drink some fresh mint tea (avoid sugars).
In regards to your home and safe space, it could be helpful to work with blue colors.
It helps you to open up your fifth chakra, which gives you the ability to speak your truth and to hear clearly.
Please pay close attention to your dreams because your dreams are guiding you!

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