Your weekly message : Your hard work is paying off

This wonderful message is meant to find you


You did the work, and now it will be rewarded!

Monday: this day is about feeling safe and secure. Whatever you are going through, know that it is not happening to hurt you. It is part of your personal growth and pushing you to a new direction in life. You have been avoiding change for a long time. Just know that you are protected along the way and every step you take. It's time to ground yourself and trust that you are safe and secure. You will make it!
Monday Affrimation: I am safe and secure
Tuesday: today is the perfect day to take things slow and rest. Your body is calling for tender love and self-care. Even if you have a busy schedule, you need to make room for relaxation. Allow yourself at least 8 hours of sleep, meditate daily, enjoy nature, drink enough water and eat the right nutrients. The more time you take to rest and rejuvenate, the more strength you will have for the rest of the week. 
Tuesday Affirmation: My body knows how to heal, My body knows how to heal.
Wednesday: On this day you are fully focused on your goals. While working on our future plans and desires, we should not forget our beautiful present moments. When you allow yourself to truly live in the moment, you create space for the universe to make things happen for you. You need to trust this process and let go of any stuck situations. Remember that you are free!
Wednesday Affirmation: I am free
Thursday: This day brings a dreamy energy. You may be daydreaming and fantasizing about your future plans. You long for a break, a vacation, or a short trip. You want to escape your everyday life and have an adventure. You may be asking yourself: how can I bring more fun into my life? What places would I like to visit? There's that yearning for something new and exciting. What memories would I like to create? 
Thursday Affirmation: My life is a blessing and it takes me to new places.
Friday: Wishes coming true. The angels celebrate your dedication, faith and hard work. Because you weathered the storm and kept your thoughts as positive as possible, the universe rewards you. Beautiful things manifest into reality. Wonderful things will happen in your life. This is also a good day to manifest more of your desires. Use this energy to make your life a moving prayer!
Friday Affirmation: Everything will work out in my favor.
Saturday: There is love in the air! Even if you are not in love, you will feel this love frequency. You will feel happy, beautiful and attractive. Some of you may meet a lover and those who are in a relationship may experience a deeper connection. You are worthy of love and a true bond is in sight. 
Saterday Affirmation for today: I am love and I radiate love
Sunday: You will finally see the results of the things you have been trying to manifest in your life. You may receive recognition at work or news that you have been waiting for. You will get inspiration for a project or business idea. Enjoy this free flowing stream of inspiration and use it for your highest good.
Sunday Affirmation: I am abundant

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